Saturday, April 30, 2011

Surprises Found in a Box...Baby Prince William!

The craziest thing happened last night, 4/29/11. I was in the kitchen getting dinner started & washing dishes, and my husband was in his office going through a large box of ephemera to list online. I turned around to find him standing there looking shocked. "This is weird," he said.

He handed me a manila folder, and as I started to look through it, it hit me what I was looking at. The folder is full of old AP Wire Photos, marked up for publication. They are black & white photos of Prince Charles & Princess Diana with baby Prince William... found on the eve of William's wedding, no less!

Many of the photos are of Prince William as a baby, but there are later shots also, including one of him holding his new baby brother, Prince Harry. I think my favorite one is of 4-year-old William as a page at the Royal Wedding of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew...sticking his tongue out at one of the flower girls :)

We have no real idea of where these photos came from, or how they ended up in our hands. I'm still amazed that they did, and even more, when they did. What are the chances???

The entire collection can be seen here.

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