Tuesday, November 1, 2011

55 Days and Counting...

Wow, can it really be that we're already into November??  As so many years have recently, 2011 is flying by faster than I can comprehend...and it's already time to think about the holidays!  I even heard Christmas music at Walmart yesterday (Halloween).  Oh my.

So, like me, I'm sure that many of you are always searching for unique gifts...the ones that really stand out, the ones that you love giving as much as they love getting.  How about a (sort of) DIY gift this year?  

One of the most fun things I've discovered this year is vintage magazine advertising - you know, those "great old ads" with perky, dolled-up housewives gushing over a new fridge or Hoover and the health benefits of Kellogg's All-Bran...filling stations with attendants in white...beautiful big old cars that you could fit a fully-suited pro football team into...they're too much fun, many featuring great artwork, photos & illustrations.  They also represent our cultural and social history, in the way that product manufacturing & advertising changed with the events of the day, such as the beginning (and the duration) of World War II.

Back to the gift ideas :)  Place any of these ads into a frame and you've got an instant, unique gift for them to hang on the wall...it couldn't be any easier.

Does the giftee collect perfume bottles?  


How about something for movie buffs...to decorate the movie room:




Fun Kitchen Decor:


Music Memorabilia

Paris Restaurant Menus:


...and just about any other thing you can think of!

Antique-Graphique has all these and much more to choose from...new pieces are added every day.  And, when you buy multiple ads, shipping is FREE for each additional item.  

Your ads are packaged in a clear archival sleeve, and Shipped Flat in a sturdy cardboard mailer.

Included with your purchase is a Certificate of Provenance detailing its original source & date of publication. 
This small, elegant certificate is suitable for attaching to the rear of your picture frame, 
to accompany your gift or to include in your collection, archive or historical reference.

Visit us at Antique-Graphique.com where you're sure to find something for everyone on your list...even a little something for yourself!  

Order Gift Items Early to assure delivery by December 23rd...
And Happy Holidays!!!

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